Spinning-Spinderella and the 5 senses


Hope you are doing well and setting the craft world ablaze.  All I can say is that  don’t have any fires but I have a few burning embers :).

Let’s chat about Spinning

Time on the Wheel this week: 3 hours 1 hour increments

Wheel Housekeeping

As I finished off my bobbin Spinderella began to squeak.  I was so excited to have yarn  winding on the Bob and I did not want to stop so I asked my husband if he would come and get on the floor and listen to see if he could determine where the squeaking was coming from of course he did and I said okay the next time I get on my wheel I will go ahead and oil it to stop th squeaking. No noise back to smooth…Good job Spinderella!

I posted a question on the Blue Bonnet Spinning Wheel Ravelry Group to ask where I should oil the wheel.  The  manufacturer responded that there were directions in the assembly manual.  EEK 5 seconds of Holy crap where did  put that thing! I found it!  I’m glad I did not throw it away.  Note to self either scan or take pictures of manual with iPad :).  The oiling instructions recommended were beeswax or wood wax, no oil.   even though I had purchased oil from the Whoolery I decided to go and find some wood wax.  I  purchased this.  I quickly looked at Amazon and read reviews for the beeswax mixed with orange oil and found that spinners head use it on the spinning wheels so that’s what I went with.  I waxed the wheel I put leather lotion on the straps near the footman and guess what no more squeak!

What fiber?


Composition: BFL Superwash 4.oz

I decided to spend my second BFL from fiber t0Yarns.  I ordered the colorway watermelon


but when it arrived it is very very much dark ….not at all like the photo. More dark than green and red.  every monitor shows different.  Here is what it looks like.

6-IMG_6073 5-IMG_6072

I pre-drafted the fiber Saturday night rolled it into eight individual balls and began to spend.


I learned so much this time with my spinning I wanted to share it with you.  I had no issue getting the yarn to wind on the Bobbin I even began to understand what the roving is actually doing!   I was saying out loud:

gain control


Your uptake is too fast

Let it build up buildup

Control the fiber

Lessons Learned

There was some serious therapy going on there! LOL.  What I noticed this time was that I could FEEL when it wasn’t twisting fast enough, when  I wasn’t drafting enough…when I had a Andre the Giant Chokehold on my fiber, LOL!   I could feel when I felt rhythm.  I stopped when I realized I had lost the drafting triangle.  Typing this I just realized I am controlling the stops….huzzah!  I must chant to Spinderella …I am your master…do as I say.  LOL


With the great revelations were some fails too. I had several breaks at the beginning… when I was not working in synch…some super frog hair spots that I think were due to not drafting fast enough.  I have some fiber causalities but not as much as my first bobbin…yay for improvement.I am just going to keep trying.

My body  felt more comfortable, my leg was (recovering from Pirformis Syndrome) great.  My hands…that’s another story but that will come with practice.

My yarn is getting better but yes I still have over twisted spots super thin spots, slubs, breaks but it is getting better.








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