Happy Memorial Day to you…if you’re in the US.  Since I have been in Chicago it rains EVERY memorial day, it is beautiful today.  If it doesn’t rain I am going to try and take out my wheel and practice.  I have so much to share with you and I have been all kinds of crafty adventures.  Let’s see what I have!


Ashley’s Ribbed Socks

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That’s Rocks

Colorway: Thraven Fledge

Yarn: Cascade Heritage

Needles: Clover US 0 2MM Bamboo

Colorway: Charcoal

Started: April 25, 2014

Finished: May 25, 2014



Med Socks blockers are by TeslaKnits



Pattern Adventure: Woman Thou are Loosed!  I am such a loose knitter.  I’ve made 2 pairs of socks already and they were charity knitting..they were donated to Spousie :).  They fit him perfectly.  At least I know how to make socks for him:).  My last socks were 56 stitches so this patten was 48, I thought ….perfect. Well it worked.  Since I am still new I ALWAYS refer to the silver sock class tutorials….They are worthy. The pattern is written well I sam simply a new sock knitter and it takes me time to understand.

Yarn Adventure: Socks that rocks is the only yarn I will knit socks with for now.  It has the tightest twist yet the yarn is springy.  It helps me make better sock and that’s what I need.  The yarn NEVER splits it is work the price. The colors are Gray(fave), teal and silver is so pretty.  Now lets talk about the solid gray color…thats a horse of a different color!  I wanted to have a different color for the heel and toes….uh a partial Fail, LOL.  Now I have gray ankles..ROTFL.  I always try it’s what makes us better.  The Cascade Heritage has seemingly zero twist especially compared to SOTR.  It was not the best idea to use those yarns together but this is all a learning process for me.  I would not purchase that yarn again I think there’s better yarn out there for that price point.



1.  Ugh the heel and toes on the socks above.  I will try it again soon, LOL. Never Give up!

2.  Thank You Hat by Purl Bee


This was like a cozy for a Gallon Milk Jug!


I even did a gauge swatch in the round….still fail.

Higher Education


I finished the Elise Shawl and was asked to do a crochet along for my coworkers.  I Love it!

Else Shaw by Evan Plevinski

Else Shawl by Evan Plevinski


First we had to find budget friendly yarn substitutes.  I had to read the pattern allowed and my pupils followed along.  It can be confusing to tackle it alone but as a team we worked it!  I have one who is 2 repeats from completion so that’s exciting.  Always good to help and teach others.  I will share some completed projects soon

Sew On Girl

I purchased the cutest itsy bitsy machine, a Janome Sew Mini..




I wanted something to sew paper, plastic and other things that I wouldn’t dare sew on my “good” machine.


Left to Right it measures 10.5″ Height is 9″ Front to back it measures 4.75″

This is the cutest little machine. It has a drop in bobbin…A PLUS, lightweight and has a few stitches so I can use in my scrapbooking and cardmaking. This would be great for teaching children as it is not super fast and easy to learn with.  What it is not …for the blind!  It has no light but I scored this for $50.00 including free shipping.  I am pleased.


I want to make a  Wedge sweater bag!  I got my fabric and I still have to grab some fusible fleece and  can start cutting.  I am going to use Rosy Wedge Bag tutorial with a few mods.


I got more but I will let you enjoy your holiday.  Craft with you later!











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